How We
Create Value

Guided by our Core Values, we seek to be creators of value in all that we do, pushing the boundaries at each step of the way: from Product Innovation, Brand Development, Sustainability, Packaging Innovation, all the way to Business Model Integration.

Brand Development

Our mission is to bring to life brands that are honest, environmentally-friendly and that spearhead change in the category. Our brands are committed to making a difference for a better and more sustainable future.

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Product Innovation

Quality alone is not enough.
Whether it’s wines, spirits, RTD, RTF, or mixers, we always strive to create premium products that are in line with the intentional and conscious attitude of today’s consumers, who want to make better choices for themselves and for the world.


Sustainability is deeply ingrained not only in our company’s core, but also in the soul of our brands.

We believe in production choices and products that are respectful to the environment.
Our commitment to creating better choices starts with: organic viticulture, vegan products, clean production & manufacturing facilities, and environmentally friendly packaging.

We do not stop here. Our commitment for a sustainable future also goes far beyond single products: we also contribute to causes that support reforestation & help animals and communities in need.

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We are ahead of the curve when it comes to packaging choices and innovations. Not only do we push to make sustainable choices for our packaging, but we also have innovative packaging solutions so that we can bring products to consumers in the best way and format.

Iconic Brands, through its subsidiary TopPop Packaging, has the competitive advantage to develop innovative packaging solutions for the RTD, RTF Alcohol Ice Pops, pouches, and mixers categories.

This is another step further in creating and capturing value through the "better-for-you" categories, responding to the new consumer lifestyle and new consumer opportunities.

Business Model Integration

We have taken strategic steps to consolidate our vertically integrated business model and accelerate our value creation.

With our capabilities to bring and brand unique products from around the world, and with the acquisition of TopPop, we are taking innovation capabilities to a new level.