beverage company

Vertically integrated company providing a premium portfolio of wine & spirits brands and RTF alcohol ice pops, RTD and non-alcohol products

What We Do
We offer a collection of brands in the wine & spirits, ready-to-freeze alcohol ice pops, ready-to-drink alcohol, and non-alcohol beverage categories. We pride ourselves on our commitment to producing future-proof brands that lead the change in the “Better-for-you” “Better-for-the-planet” categories.

Our Business
Iconic together with its wholly owned subsidiary TopPop, develops brands, innovates products and creates sustainable packaging solutions for the alcohol and non-alcohol market. Iconic’s competitive advantage lies in its unique positioning with its portfolio of brands in the rising “Better-for-You, Better-for-Planet” segment.

Our Purpose
We bring to life brands that aim to inspire, lead change, and empower consumers. We push the boundaries of what brands and products can be.
We aim to shape the category with brands that are responsible, ethical, honest and commit to contributing to a better planet today and tomorrow.
With us, you can lead the change one sip at a time.

TopPop, a product development and contract manufacturing company in the U.S., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Iconic Brands.

TopPop specializes in manufacturing products containing alcohol and developing innovative packaging solutions as well as designer custom blends. TopPop’s creative solutions from inception to full scale production, like its RTF alcohol ice pops, make it a forerunner in the rising “Cocktail Pouch market”. TopPop’s proprietary and visionary applications has made it a leader in providing these products and services, from “design through delivery”, to some of the largest Fortune 500 and multinational alcohol beverage companies and brands today.

TopPop has received federal and state licensing to manufacture malt, spirit and wine-based products in its facilities. TopPop’s team of seasoned professionals manufactures its products with the highest quality controls under FDA guidelines, SQF certification and Organic certification.

Iconic, with its focus on lifestyle branding and the growth of the "better-for-you, better-for-planet" consumer category, and TopPop’s innovative packaging solutions, create the perfect union.

Together, the combined Company establishes and supports brands, innovates, produces, packages, and sells alcohol and non-alcohol beverages and creates sustainable packaging solutions for the consumable goods market.

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