With us you can lead the
change, one sip at a time.

With us you can
lead the change,
one sip at a time.

We bring to life brands that are authentic, environmentally-friendly, of premium quality, and spearhead change in the category. We are committed to making a difference for a sustainable and better future.

Bellissima Prosecco

Created with Christie Brinkley

Better-For-You Premium Prosecco

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Bellissima Zero

Zero Sugar Still Wines

Zero Sugar, ≈1 Carb, Made with Organic Grapes, & Vegan

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Sonja Sangria

Created with Sonja Morgan

Premium RTD Semi- Sparkling Sangria, All Natural Ingredients

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Bella Sprizz

Aperitivo and Liqueurs

The smart aperitivo, keeping you prepared for cocktail hour

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Bivi Vodka

Created with Chazz Palminter

Premium Vodka
flavored by Sicily

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Bellissima Prosecco

Better-For-You Premium Prosecco.

Bellissima Prosecco & Sparkling Wines is a line of Premium bubbly from Italy, developed with the help of supermodel, animal lover and activist, Christie Brinkley.

In Italian, “Bellissima” doesn’t just mean “beautiful”, but, “most beautiful”: this spirit inspires Bellissima's collection of wines, all made with 100% organic grapes and all certified vegan.

There's more: Bellissima works to be ‘better-for-the planet’ by supporting causes that directly benefit the world around us. In this way, Bellissima is a true pioneer, being the first brand to have ever proposed and launched a wine that fits the “Better-For-You, Better-For-The-Planet'' category. Bellissima's Zero Sugar Sparkling Wine paved the way for this segment with its unique value proposition.

Bellissima Zero

Zero Sugar, ≈1 Carb, Made with Organic Grapes, & Vegan.

Bellissima Zero is a new line of Zero Sugar Still Wines brought to you by Bellissima Prosecco, developed with the help of Christie Brinkley.

Bellissima’s Zero Sugar Wines are all of premium, boutique winery quality, with no residual sugar and no compromises on taste. Bellissima Zero lives up to the expectations of the most demanding wine connoisseurs, offering all the essence of its terroir.

All Bellissima Zero Wines are certified vegan, made with 100% organic grapes, and contain approximately one carb per 5 oz serving.

The authentic taste of Bellissima, interpreted in a new line of Zero Sugar Still Wines.

Sonja Sangria

Premium RTD Semi-Sparkling Sangria Made with All Natural Ingredients and Vegan.

Sonja Sangria is a new line of premium Semi-Sparkling Sangria inspired by the classic Valencian recipe, and developed with the help of American television personality, businesswoman, socialite and philanthropist, Sonja Morgan.

Sonja Sangria is an authentic Sangria (just like Sonja herself!) and is made with premium wine and the finest selection of 100% natural fruit flavors extracted directly from the fruit. This sangria has a soft, pleasant fizz, which is obtained naturally through the fermentation process of the wine.
Non conformist & inclusive, Sonja is the drink that welcomes everyone.

Bella Aperitivo and Liqueurs

The smart aperitivo, keeping you prepared for cocktail hour.

Bella Sprizz is for the smart aperitivo aficionados. It's the luxurious pleasure of the Italian lifestyle, mixed with the contemporary values of inclusivity and sustainability. Bella is the smell of freedom on your Friday evening, it is the taste associated with a friends' reunion at lunch.

Bella aperitivo is a classic for sipping on ice or in a simple, yet delicious cocktail. Best of all, it is perfect for creating moments of togetherness. That's why Bella aperitivo is a celebration of love.

Bivi Vodka

Premium Vodka flavored by Sicily.

BiVi is a 100% Sicilian Premium Vodka, Crafted by Master Distiller Giovanni La Fauci and developed with the help of Chazz Palminteri - academy award nominated actor, screenwriter, producer and playwright of Sicilian origin.

Smooth and rich in taste, BiVi embodies Sicilian culture, tradition and heritage: it's name means "to drink" and is perfect to share with friends and family.
Bivi Vodka