Hooters Spirits

Private Label

Premium Spirits


Six times distilled Organic Vodka brings a smooth flavor that stands up well in any cocktail


Made using the select natural botanicals and Juniper Berries

Dark Rum (Puerto Rico)

Made using choice blackstrap sugar cane molasses in the Caribbean and aged in barrels

Light Rum (Puerto Rico)

Smoother in its intensity and by nature, our light rum is slightly sweet and mixes beautifully in fruity and soft drinks

Tequila Silver

This unique mixto is a rare, hard to find, high quality blend of 78 percent Tequila and 22 percent Agave and is sure to deliver a memorable experience

Tequila Gold

Mix it or take it neat! This beautiful Gold Tequila borders a Resposado in quality and flavor

American Whiskey

A two year old, true American Whiskey, produced from the finest corn of the heartland of Indiana

Hooters Heat Cinnamon Whiskey

A compilation of a premium American Whiskey with natural cinnamon and a little heat

Private Label

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Private Label

Bristol Race

Chase Elliott hit the track in the No. 9 Hooters Spirits Chevy at Bristol on Saturday, August 17 at 7:30pm on NBC Sports.

Please drink responsibly. Must be 21 or older to view.


Chase Elliott’s 2019 #9 Hooters Spirits Paint Scheme

CEO of Iconic Brands Richard DeCicco Introduces New Hooters Spirits

Iconic Brands New Ambassador: Chase Elliott

Hooters Spirits

Hooters Spirits is Iconic Brands Inc. private-label premium line of spirits and is sold under the Hooters brand.

Produced and bottled by United Spirits Inc., Plaistow, New Hampshire

Please drink responsibly. Must be 21 to follow and engage. Please do not share or forward with anyone under the legal drinking age.